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Three's Company
Author: Chias
Chias is the creator and webmaster of this community. He is the original Illegitimate Husband living in a MFM triad that was formed in 2003. These are his insights into issues related to polyamory and the polyamorous lifestyle. While his columns are sometimes controversial, he writes from the heart and with an attempt at benefitting both actively poly and poly curious folks alike.

Miserably Monogamous; March 07, 2007
What makes a marriage?; January 30, 2007
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Crossed Wires; October 28, 2006
Life is Not a Funhouse; August 28, 2006
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Concepts and Definitions; June 27, 2006
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Nature vs. Nurture; April 28, 2006
The "Fallback Position"; March 23, 2006
Relationship coding; February 26, 2006
Remaining Illegitimate; January 25, 2006
Communicate, communicate, ...; December 20, 2005
Swinging Into Polyamory; November 27, 2005
The Big Green Monster; October 27, 2005
Unnatural Disasters; September 26, 2005
A Sense of Community; August 27, 2005
Rules Are Made To Be...Interpreted; July 31, 2005
New Relationship Energy; June 30, 2005
Thoughts On Expansion; June 5, 2005
Chronicles of an Illegitimate Husband; May 16, 2005
The Beginning; May 5, 2005