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Polyamorous Percolations
Terms & Definitions; crossword puzzle #1

All of these items are in some way related to polyamory, although some are more directly related than others. Simply print this puzzle out and enjoy! Struggling with a word or two? Solved as many clues as you can? Here are the answers. Close Window.

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 5  6
 7  8
 11  12
 20  21  22  23
 25  26
 28  29

3   A person who openly chooses to have multiple simultaneous sexual relationships in an ethical and responsible way, and who openly revels in that decision.
5   The general term used to describe all forms of multi-partner relating.
7   The belief that a person should only have one lover at a time.
10   A magazine and organization dedicated to polyamory.
13   Your main squeeze(s).
15   A non-monogamous relationship.
16   Where three or more people choose to live as a family unit.
19   Of or relating to activities between a member of one couple and a member of another couple.
23   A polyamorous relationship involving four people.
24   _ _ _ Monogamy. The practice of creating intimate relationships that may include sexuality which do not require sexual exclusivity.
26   A feeling of insecurity, typically temporary or fleeting, when seeing a partner being affectionate with someone else.
28   A strong, almost giddy feeling of excitement and infatuation common in the beginning of any new romantic relationship.
29   A relationship involving exactly two people.
30   An American science fiction author well-known in the polyamory community as an early advocate and outspoken champion of polyamory.
1   An experiment in polyamorous living in San Francisco, which was founded in 1971 and broke up in 1991.
2   A married person's outside lover.
4   A social group that has a strong sense of identity and may have a family arrangement as its core.
6   The feeling of comfort, security, and stability often associated with a long-standing romantic relationship.
7   The plural of spouse.
8   A term describing the social web that results from having sexual relations with friends and lovers of yours and your partners and perhaps their friends and lovers, etc.
9   Three or more people who agree to "marry" each other.
11   A religious intentional community founded in New York in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes.
12   In a relationship, any activity which violates the rules or agreements of that relationship, whether tacit or explicit.
14   A feeling of joy when a partner invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship.
17   A strong desire for, longing for, or preoccupation with another person, accompanied by a sometimes overwhelming desire for reciprocation.
18   A form of group marriage where all the members agree to be fidelitious within their group and commit to exist as a family.
20   The belief that sexual relationships should be unrestricted and disassociated from ideas of love, commitment, marriage, or obligation.
21   Of or related to relationships which are sexually non-monogamous but which are not emotionally intimate.
22   The belief that sex is a spiritual event.
25   The practice of having sex with others where the focus is primarily sexual.
27   A pleasant emotion of happiness arising from seeing one's partner with another partner.

~ Chias, July 28, 2006


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