Here you will find a list of websites providing information or resources of and for polyamory and the polyamorous lifestyle.

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Van Isle Polyamory   - We are a growing group of predominantly Vancouver Island residents who seek loving relationships that extend beyond and enhance the more conventional family.

Los Angeles Poly Support (LAPS)   - A group of people who get together in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere where people can (1) explore polyamory and find out if it's really for them; (2) meet other like-minded poly people; and (3) discuss relevant poly issues.. - An online resource for Toronto's polyamorous community.

Love and Politics - a polyamorous, queer and s*x-positive place.

CAWeb - official website of the Church of All Worlds. - PolyOrlando is an informational website designed to provide an educational resource for polyamorous people and those who love them.

Chesapeake Polyamory Network - Support, Social Activities, Public Education and Advocacy for the Polyamorous, Poly-Friendly, and Poly-Curious.

World Polyamory Association - more loves, more loving.

Network For a New Culture - Designing a New Culture, without fear or violence and supportive of growth, in an environment of truth, honesty, sharing, and cooperation.

Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness - an organization for UUs with an interest in polyamory. Polyamorists with an interest in UUism are also welcome!

Polyamorous NYC - An organization designed to nurture a prosperous polyamorous community in New York City.

The Polyamory Society - Serving the Polyamorous Community.

General Informational Sites

The Ordinary Extraordinary - Polyamory as lived by one couple.

Can a leopard change her spots? - Explorations of the poly world by a mono girl.

A Poly Page for Secondaries - This is for the non-primary, the secondary, the one who got there after.

The Polyamorous Misanthrope - Rants, Raves and Polyamorous Edification for the Whole Family.

Polyamorously Perverse - Waking up a sleeping marriage to love's possibilities. No hold's barred, all viewpoints looked at, many tales of adventure and discovery, no happy endings assured. - A Positive Resource for the Poly Community.

Our poly life - We are a committed Poly-fi quad of two strong and solid marriages of 15+ years each. Together we have 10 children.... 9 of which are still at home. This site is dedicated to the happenings of our clan.

The Livejournal Polyamory Community - a friendly community to discuss all aspects of polyamory, positive and negative.

Welcome to The Petting Zoo - The Zoo is a lot like Pandora's Box -- you never know what will also climb out and eat your face off.

A Pagan Polyamory Page.

PolyFamilies - Polyamory for the Practical.

Catya's Polyamory page.

Stef's Poly Post Archive.

alt.polyamory - This is the home page for the Usenet newsgroup alt.polyamory.

Polyamory - an unconditional love. - Ideas related to polyamory are explored in this site for polyamorous and poly curious people.

Spiritual Polyamory - An Evolving Community Including Forums, Blogs, Classifieds, Gallery, Calendar & More.

Poly Friendly Professionals - Listings of counselors, therapists, lawyers, and other professionals who are open-minded about polyamory. - Resources for Poly's and those who love them.

Bearpaw's Open Hearts Project - This collection of essays about polyamory was solicited by Bearpaw and resided on his web site 1996-1998. It was moved to the alt.polyamory web site in December 1998.

the UV Family - The Possible Relationship - Basic principles from an innovative relationship.

relationship LLC - marrriage perfected.

Smoocherie - Polyamory and More by Cherie.

Diane Vera's Polyamory Page - Bringing together likeminded people.

Polyamory in the Media

Polyamory Weekly - Tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view.

Polyamorous Percolations - Polyamory in the News

Polyamory Pride and Advocacy

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom - "Fighting for your rights!" - A New Strategic Vision For All Our Families and Relationships  

Jim Evans' Polyamory Pride Flag - The poly pride flag.

PAARC - Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance Ribbon Campaign.

Managing Jealousy in Open Relationships.

Think you might be Poly? Take The Polyamorous Test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyamory? What? Why? How?

Contacting Other Poly People

PMM - PolyMatchMaker - The Perfect Place to Find Your Poly Mate(s)!

Intentional Communities Website


The Kinsey Institute - Kenneth R. Haslam Collection on Polyamory

Polyamory Books - Reviews of Books About Polyamory

Loving More - New Models for Relationships.

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