I wanted to thank you for your article on morality clauses and defining morality. I am also a teacher. I am married, have children of my own, and am the center-point of a m-f-m triad. Our third doesn't live with us, which makes it hard in some aspects, but easier in others. When students ask who he is, I refer to him as our housemate. I know that sometimes this bothers him, as it does me, but what else are we to do? I too would lose my job if it became "public" knowledge, although I'm sure there are people who may suspect one thing or another. But every year I go through the same dilemma... how do I sign this document and still feel true to my ethics. You've summed up what I've come up with beautifully. So again, thank you.

- Lillyth, April 9, 2006