I have already read your articles and they have answered allot of the questions I had... My situation is a little peculiar.. Basically we already are a poly family to a certain extent.. I currently live with my husband and our 2 children along with his brother and his 2 children.. I am the childcare, meaning that I am a stay at home mom to the kids.. My husband and his brother both work outside of the home. We all work together for the best interest of the kids, showing them as much love and attention as possible.. We discipline together and tell the children that they need to listen to us equally.. We each back each other up when it comes to the decisions made regarding the kids... It has been almost 3 months and we have had very little conflict between us.. If an conflict occurs it is usually from sibling rivalry between my husband and his brother, at least that is what I am told.. My husband is dating someone outside of our "relationship" and at this time is not interested in bringing her in the mix.. So far there as been no sexual relationship between my brother-in-law and myself... We had a very brief interlude last year that was a complete disaster for all involved.. Recently I have started developing feelings for him and want to take our friendship a step farther... My main question is how do we address the affection shown between us with the children?... We are already family and have been for almost 7 years now, so there is a little affection but not allot physically.. The kids are 6,4,3 & 3 months so they are young enough to adjust with the right direction... They are old enough to know what is going on but not old enough to understand completely... The other added problem is that my brother in law is divorced and his ex does not help us with the kids at all... She hardly calls and only sees the kids twice a month, because the divorce is so new I really don't want to confuse the kids... The 4 year old still thinks that if they get their own place that mom is coming back home... She currently has a boyfriend she is living with... This is all really uncharted territory for us and I would like to opinion and advice of someone who has been there before... Anything that you could tell me would be a big help...

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this.

Best regards, Erika
February 28, 2007