Dear Truetalk,

I've read through your recent article several times and would like to offer some comments.

When discussing the physical and spiritual dimensions of love, I think it is helpful to distinguish clearly between these two aspects so, in this response, I'll use the term "sex" for the physiological characteristics and reserve the term "love" for the more ephemeral, more psychological, more emotional, and yes, the more "spiritual" characteristics that appear in human relationships. Without that distinction I feel we are indeed "chasing the wind" and cannot advance in the direction of talking "about love in its pure form".

So now that I, too, have "metaphorically speaking, weeded out the weeds from love", please allow me to talk about sex and love "in its pure form".

I'll immediately introduce a caveat by suggesting that sex, like love, can clearly be expressed in a "clear form", on a "higher plain of existence", whatever we may construe such abstractions to be. In broad terms, I see polyamorous experiments to be ones that provide some very useful ideas about how these two quite different but potentially complementary aspects of human relationships might successfully be welded together. The proposition that love is "the solution and foundation to all things human" is, I suggest, to state the matter with an excess of hyperbole bordering on religious fundamentalism!

Onwards and upwards!

September 4, 2007