Welcome to the Polyamorous Percolations Contact Page.

Here you will find a list of all those we consider "staff" on our site and email information on those who are still active. Quite honestly the best way to interact with our staff, both active and some who are "inactive" is through the forums here. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to be redirected to the main site.

The following list (alpha order by screen/pen name) is keyed in this way:

Under the job section are the following notes all positions held (current or past) will be listed.

CW = Contributing writer (monthly columns)

WF = Feature Writer (occasional writings)

FA = Forum Administrator

FM = Forum Moderator

W = Webmaster

Those names not currently active are in red

Our Staff and Writers
Name Position(s) Column/Position Email
Alan CW, FA Poly in the Media alan7388 ( at ) comcast.net
AlmostFLYin2 CW Don't Quote Me
Anise Mama CW Welcome to the Nuthouse!
Catanya CW Poly Daydreams catanyanightshade ( at ) yahoo.com
Charlene Mansel CW See You in Five Hours
Chias W, FA, CW Three's Company, Founder of the site
Fire God W, FA, WF Various Contributions, Owner of the site firegod ( at ) polyamoryonline.org
Heidel CW Pride of Lions
Kristy CW Salacious Scribblings
Lieren W Web Master Lieren ( at ) polyamoryonline.org
Lost_soul0922 FM Forum Moderator
Maya CW Maya's Mayhem
mmkeekah FM, WF Forum Moderator
Momma Chel CW Growing Up Poly
Morrison WF
Mr. Big CW Keeping the Faith/Our Poly Life (Mr Big)
Nobody's Angel CW Angelic Notions
Pegasus & RM CW Looking For Poly
PolyAnna FA, CW PolyAnna's Percolations florida_sunloving_gata ( at ) yahoo.com
Polyn00b CW Playing by Heart Polyn00b ( at ) polyamoryonline.org
Rhianon Leto (aka lightningbttfly) CW Butterfly Chronicles
Rider WF
Rob Wilson CW Big Love, Big Opportunities
Sister Dagger CW Sweet Reasons
Star CW Our Little Tribe - A poly family
Temptress CW Our Poly Life (Temptress)
The Laundry Goddess CW Our Poly Life (Goddess)
Truetalk CW Explorations in Love

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