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Rob is a member of this online community. This is his first submission to us. He can be reached via email, or through our forums. This archive contains his review of the first half of Season One of the series Big Love, as featured on HBO.

If there's a will, Episode 11; June 4, 2006
Baptisms, under fire and otherwise, Episode 10; May 16, 2006
Secrets and Lies, Episode 9; May 09, 2006
Easter, Episode 8; May 02, 2006
Evictions and Convictions, Episode 7; April 26, 2006
Roberta’s Funeral, Episode 6; April 17, 2006
Your "cheating?" heart, Episode 5; April 11, 2006
Eclipse, Episode 4; April 04, 2006
Home Invasion, Episode 3; March 28, 2006
Agreements and Boundaries; How Episode 2 of Big Love failed; March 21, 2006
Big Love, Big Opportunities; March 13, 2006