Truetalk has been writing since he was a teen, and only in the last five or so years has he taken himself seriously as a writer. He lives in the Vancouver area of BC, Canada, where he has lived for most of his life. He finished his degree in psychology at Simon Fraser University in 95 when he started his counseling practice for individuals and couples. He recently completed his PhD in psychology and philosophy at University of Life in Black Rock City. His counseling practice though broad in a practical sense, is specialized in alternative relationships, including the various forms of polyamoury, polyfidelity, or what ever other poly-like relationship you may be working on. He has studied the human psyche for almost his entire life, and has a thorough understanding of consciousness, human psychology, and our current social structure and how we as individuals or groups function and dysfunction within our culture and general social milieu. He would love to hear any feedback from the readers of this community, answer questions or even take requests or topics to write about.

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The evolution of human consciousness

Once again I am here to share my thoughts and experiences in relation to this evolutionary form of relationship called poly -lovingly by those of us who practice, and polyamory in a formal setting. Here I will feel free enough and comfortable with you and the concept to talk about 'poly'. We all know what it is, many of us practice it, living with more than one partner, or not and still having multiple connections that you and her consider intimate, time related, personal, honest relationships together. Keeping the form and direction open -using logic, analyses and honesty to dictate the condition, intensity, direction and form.

These are unique configurations of people coming together to create and form larger connections of people, all on the level of love. This becomes a sharing of love on a new dimension, reality is different, and a new consciousness is growing. As a visual see how we are each luminous beings of light. Varied in color and brightness across individuals like the diversity seen in nature and its amazing variety of life forms. As we come together our shared light creates unity in our shared existence in time. We -which in our consciousness is not necessarily just the two of us-we each contribute our light bodies to the creation of a shared or collective consciousness with the full expression of life as seen in love, as our collective and shared intent. As you move away from the beings of light whom are connecting in different configurations, dimensions, and numbers, you see more and more light beings sharing their light. As you go further out away from their numbers, the chaos starts to form patterns and greater clusters of light are formed. Keep going out, be honest though and do not go into the imaginary, see how our collective light creates nodes of energy. These nodes could take on a self awareness of its own, creating a new consciousness. The collective conscious that we see becomes something and its form becomes self-aware. Consciousness at a higher or deeper dimension, and our self-aware involvement creates a new consciousness in our being.

This process of creating a community of lovers can be done easier on a small scale, like a poly family of responsible, aware adults who consent to become intimate with multiples of people. In poly relationships I have only heard of fairly small (on average) networks of connections in love. So with these smaller numbers, but larger than the historical dual or couple, it is easier to create stable and longer lasting collective consciousness. The stability of the complex interactions of each member in a poly connection is higher. Note too that there is strength in numbers. So having larger circles with more people could theoretically be more stable even though the complexity of the connections becomes astronomical -cosmic in scope. So again I do not know where this can go. It is an interpretation of reality and only as I live it will I discover which way is more stable over time. Still the point is that we who are allowing our beings to participate in a poly love connection, are potentially creating a new consciousness. I also suspect that as we allow time to become meaningful in the relationship's daily movement, the amount of time involved in the relationship also strengthens the consciousness of their collective.

I really feel blessed to be able to live in an era where people are able to experience explore and play in love, with our expanded and removed boundaries in relationships we are free to do anything within the moral confines of respect for life and individuality, and the power of love. We have been given the opportunity to witness and be catalysts in the evolution of consciousness. Poly is the manifestation of a changing consciousness. Love being the foundation of our divine nature, our expanded poly relations is a divine expression of god through humanity. Remember the scriptures say, "God is Love". As we expand love in our lives as individuals we are manifesting God and our divine nature with love. We can learn to expand our capacity to share in love, and are now in this process of learning. Change is hard, and this most powerful of our divine gifts -love is naturally a difficult energy to change; the way we have lived with love has been the accepted way with few exceptions for as long as Western and Eastern civilizations have been self aware. Now we are attempting to let go of these cultural ties to the past, and we are attempting to just let love be. Where you feel it, who is involved with your love all matters to do with love are opened up. The goal may not be to create lasting relationships, but multiple connections of love, to express love to as many with out concern for time and space, knowing that we who are in love transcend time and space. Thus, as a poly community, we can quote the Beatles who said it best, "all you need is love".

Okay I was just writing about how poly is a catalyst of the evolution of human consciousness. I left it off with a quote from the Beatles, a great band, but really what a way to end it! It feels lacking in some form of a real ending, so I will now attempt a real ending for that thought. Just for review, I will quickly reiterate what I have tried to say to each of you. This is too where I see what the ending needs to address, because as I try to retell my own thoughts, I see that they are embedded or involved with duality. I said that consciousness is evidently evolving as seen in poly, or I said that poly has manifested as a result of consciousness evolving. Have I said both?

The question becomes which came first, the change or the result and what about the need for change, another question then is was there a cause for this change in consciousness, is poly not an answer to a need then, and if this is the case, then again I am very thankful to be involved in such an amazing movement. Try to look at it like this: the need is the way we have been loving needs to be changed, it is child-like, simple, controlled, and it does not seem to be working. The relationship that represents love's fullest expression through the three dimensions of our existence needs to change. I think that it was created for the purpose of creating a materialistic, consumer society of mass production, simply because we had discovered the power of mass production. The love relationship that I have been given from my youth, and it is still all around me, I try to see more, but on a whole, our society promotes and wants you and me to join into relationships that are for the purpose of most efficiently consuming material products. Entertainment, education, family, work, recreation, church, politics, even our very happiness has all been molded to fit into a consumer consciousness. It is staring to get out of hand, but because of that there seems to be a change on a very deep level which is affecting the way we create, form and have intimate relationships. So the need is first, then we see both the reaction, and the reason as moved by the need, that is the cause for this movement. That does not get it either, because I am trying to say that it could be our consciousness that is evolving that is the answer to this need to change the way we love each other in intimate, domestic relationships. Then I think that they are connected, there is a great affinity between them, and they're co-creators of change.

Keeping in mind that this is the ending of this thought, no it is the beginning, but I need to stop writing this and send it in. thus, I sum up by again expressing my own excitement at being involved, a part of and member within this consciousness that is evolving, effecting the very foundations of our existence-love. Tell me if I am wrong, but is this kind of relationship not fairly new, what is the history of poly, how new is it. If it has a long history, I will re-evaluate the significance that I give to our generation or era of people, but as it see it now, I would say that we sit upon a cusp of change that has not been witnessed in humanity since before history started. There is a community forming under this consciousness, a collective forming something greater. I am so thankful that I am here and free to love as many as I can, what an honour to be able to love more than one human at a time and place, the responsibility, the power and possibilities for life are cosmic in scope under the freedom of poly. Finally, as a confession I will tell you that I want to love more, I want to love you all, and thank you for being there and of similar mind to share in this love. I have put all fear of love away, though it has great power I trust that a consciousness has been formed that is able to release these energies, to flow with awareness, calm, understanding, and respect for life, and love all that I meet. As this happens I realize that I am now living outside of the law and order of society, I do not follow any laws, norms, cultural patterns and traditions when it comes to love. All of my interactions with women, or men are founded upon my love for them. I find that as I give love to others, and then share in their love, what ever that may look like, the amount and quality of the love I receive is equal to the love I give. The freedom I give myself to express love is also indicative of the amount of joy, pleasure and happiness I feel, and the trouble I may get into from the society that is my reality. I am just learning about poly, and can trust that as I grow into its complex and intricate ways, that I will be able to share in a growing number of varying depths of love and their resultant relationships.

Next month I want to talk about the creation of a community I am envisioning.

Epilogue: As a thinker, the first thing I feel obligated to tell you is that this essay is controlled or directed and focused from outside. These are my thoughts and I am honest and sincere in my writing, but these are created for someone else, a topic is asked for, that being polyamory, and I don't know how that might effect what I actually write about.

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Truetalk ; January 20, 2008


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