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The final fling before the ring; By Samantha Brett; December 3, 2007

Loving Fearlessly; By Lieren

The Veto; By Mistress Matisse

For Lovers and Fighters; By Dean Spade

Processing jealousy; June 30, 2007

#4. Old Dog, New Tricks; June 3, 2007

Polyamorous Possibilities #3 - Risk Taking; By Somerset

Polyamorous Possibilities #2 - Love and Neediness; By Somerset

Polyamorous Possibilities #1 - New Horizons; By Somerset

Defining Polyamory; By Elizabeth Scarlett

'I'm in love with two men. Simple as that. I love them both and they both love me...'; By Rachel Mainwaring, Wales on Sunday

Potentially Polyamorous #8 (a postscript) - Loving Polyamorously; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #7 - Procreative Sex; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #6 - Recreational Sex; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #5 - Overture; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #4 - Networks - By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #3 - Difficulties in Open Relationships; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #2 - The Unreachable Star; Polyamory and Growth; By Somerset

Potentially Polyamorous #1- Living Freely - By Somerset

On poly umbrellas and word magic - By Zhahai Stewart

Making Yourself Become Polyamorous - By Alex Mead

Bringing a new meaning to sharing - By Maxine Frith

A Couple-Three: A Personal Essay - By Bernadette Lynn Bosky