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Poly People I Can Do Without - By Annesthesia

All mine - By Bill Beattie

Relationship Checkup - By Spring Cascade (AKA Elaine Cook)

Multi-Player Option; Young polyamorists are rewriting the laws of desire - By Michelle Chihara

Ho Ho Holidays.. - By Elizabeth Scarlett

What's all this NRE stuff, anyway? - By Zhahai Stewart

Dear Mom, I’m Polyamorous… - By Elizabeth Scarlett

Polyamoury 101: Consensual Non-Monogamy for the 21st Century - By Kit Peters

Rules and Restrictions in Polyamorous Relationships - By Franklin Veaux; October 12, 2006

Hello, Poly; Several women navigate polyamorous relationships as a non-primary partner - By Tristan Taormino; March 17, 2006

How to Make It Work - Tools for Healthy Polyamorous Relationships - By Brian Frederick

Polysaturation - By Cherie L. Ve Ard; August 14, 2006

POLYLOVE AND WOMEN - By Catherine Deville; 1995

Protect children, yes, but leave cockamamie grownups alone - By Tony Phillips; September 13, 2006

What is known about the psychological and social functioning of polyamorous individuals? - By Geri D. Weitzman; March 12th, 1999

Why I Believe in Partner Veto in Choosing a Lover - By Cougar; July 08, 2005

Polygamists' children speak - By Brooke Adams; The Salt Lake Tribune, August 20, 2006

Benefits of Polyamory - By Geri D. Weitzman; March 12, 1999

Poly for Dummies; do's and don'ts - By Brian Frederick

Breaking Up With Finesse - By Cherie L. Ve Ard; July 6, 2006

on love, relationships, and the future. - By Ducky; June 29, 2006

Making Room for a Third - By Black Eagle

Love unlimited: The polyamorists - By Annalee Newitz; July 07, 2006

Faith, hope and labels - By Temptress; June 06, 2006

Sex without rules - By Veronica Hayes; January 23, 2002

What Polyamory Has Meant In My Life... - By Therese; Original publication date unknown

Poly Politics: Lessons from Queer Liberation - By Pepper Mint; This paper was presented at the Building Bridges IV conference, Oct 16, 2004

Polyamory and the singleton - By AlmostFlyin2; June 3, 2006

Dim Sum and Polyamory - By Tom Limoncelli; 11/21/1999 (and updated 9/7/2001)

Love is a many-splintered thing - By Tish Haymer; February 14, 2002

Be mine, and hers, and his - By Annalee Newitz; February 11, 2004

Why poly didn't work for me (this time) - By AlmostFlyin2; May 3, 2006

Notes from a Newly Open Marriage - Contributed by Stacy C.; Original publication date unknown.

Questioning Relationship Model Assumptions - By Cherie L. Ve Ard; June 2004

Three's company; so is four or five - By Jim Gerard; July 17, 1999

Quantum Love: a Beginner’s Guide to Polyamory - by Emily Nagoski; January 22, 2003

Slipping The Ties That Bind: Varietism, Compulsory Monogamy and Loving More - by Peter Staudenmaier; February 26, 2001

Influence of the Science Fiction Writings of Robert A. Heinlein on Polyamory - By Cherie L. Ve Ard; March 21, 2005

Pandora and Polygamy - By Charles Krauthammer; March 17, 2006

Polygamy vs. Polyamory - By Cherie L Ve Ard; July 19, 2004

A Poly Life: Monogamy with More Partners - By Trevor Stokes, Columbia News Service; February 14, 2006

A Humanist looks at polyamory - By Valerie White; Copyright © 2004 American Humanist Association

That's (poly)amoré: academics reveal a passion for plurals - By Lewis Smith; April 04, 2005

The more the merrier - By Paige Worthy; Thursday, February 24, 2005.

Double-Barrelled Hitmaker - By Gregory Gondo, Special Correspondent. Copyright © 2006 Financial Gazette. All rights reserved.

Evolutionary Tendencies - By Eric Francis; Copyright ©1998

When two just won't do - By Helena Echlin. © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006